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Read the Bible? Neither do we.

❶He is still inhaling smoke so it is not good for you at all. Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more.

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Toilet Paper Roll

We all remember schooldays when someone managed to smuggle in an eighth but—surprise surprise! If you happen to be artistically-minded, or just the type of person that likes to do brass rubbings when out and about, you may be the kind of person who carries around tracing paper in their pocket! Tracing paper is actually a pretty good alternative for smoking papers, if you have the thin, high-quality stuff.

Much better than a magazine or a receipt, anyway—but yeah, perhaps not the most common pocket item. That silvery foil stuff that your sticks of gum come wrapped in? If you can rub the foil part off without damaging the paper underneath, that paper can act as a pretty reasonable substitute Rizla—and as a bonus, all the sugary-gummy residual goodness left on the paper should help stick it together, with a little help from your tongue.

The outer layers of an ear of sweetcorn can be dried and used as a natural rolling paper, and probably represents the least harmful option listed so far!

The husk is naturally soft, flexible and fibrous, and retains these qualities even when dry. Many countries that produce both corn and cannabis use corn husks to roll joints as a traditional method of consumption.

In Jamaica, an island that is globally known for its high-quality cannabis , sun-drying corn husks to later use as rolling papers is a widespread practice. Here they are typically soaked in water briefly prior to rolling, to ensure that their flexibility is maximised. Mexico and the USA are other countries where cannabis users report use of this method—in the USA, pre-dried corn husks can be purchased in the Mexican section of many large supermarkets, particularly in the South.

The fibrous inner membrane of bamboo is one substitute, and the bark or the layer beneath the bark of several trees is light and flexible enough to be used. Making substitute pipes is another approach to the problem of being caught out without smoking papers or bong. There are various different ways to achieve this, from using an apple or a bell pepper to constructing ambitious devices out of old electronics and scrap metal.

Both techniques require a 2-litre or similar empty bottle, such as one used to contain water or soft drinks. A piece of tin foil shaped to fit the mouth of the bottle and pierced several times to allow airflow is also needed.

To make a lung, simply use tape to attach a plastic bag to the cut end of the bottle; once secure, scrunch the bag up inside the bottle. It is also one of the simplest—but can potentially be quite dangerous, so great care must be taken especially if already intoxicated! All you need is a heat source such as a gas or electric stove, two knives and some cannabis.

Some also prefer to use a straw or a rolled-up piece of paper to inhale the smoke, to avoid getting too close to the source of the heat, but this is not always necessary. A permanent solution for the forgetful cannabis users is to find a different way of using. If you never want the problem of getting caught without smoking papers again, have a look at the pocket sized vaporizers that are out there. Thanks for your comment. You could try using notebook paper but it will probably be too thick to burn well.

Depending on how much dye is on the paper, it might make you feel a bit sick; it's certainly not good for you, but it's not going to kill you if you're only using it in emergencies. I was once stuck without papers at Xmas and discovered that the thin paper party hats that are inside crackers make a really good substitute.

There was a bit of an inky flavour it was a purple hat but the paper burned really well and even stuck to itself! I have also rolled joints using pages out of the bible, which are usually very thin.

They don't stick together on their own, but they also burn well. Travel to another country! This article becomes of great interest!! The coloured type would probably taste quite bad, since it's saturated in ink, but the white stuff might not be too bad - have you tried either? I think parchment would be too thick to work effectively, but I could be wrong.

Please let us know what happens if you try it! Cigarette are easier to get. Empty it up without opening or cutting it. Put ua stash inside. You can smoke with the or without the filter, without makes u high faster.

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Aug 06,  · Would it work to just smoke with like computer paper or something of that sort? or if there are any good household papers to roll j's with.

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Feb 04,  · Useless tags: Vlog 40, How to smoke paper, how to blow thick clouds smoking paper, smoking notebook paper tutorial, how to smoke homework, paper smoking tutorial, smoking paper like a cigarette.

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While smoking paper is not as hazardous as smoking tobacco, any type of smoke inhalation is still unhealthy. Smoking paper with ink or other chemicals on it is more hazardous than smoking untreated paper. Regular paper lacks the addictive and cancer-causing properties of conventional tobacco, making. Top 5 hacks for when you run out of smoking papers Rolling Paper Alternatives Every dedicated cannabis user ought to be carrying around a kit of essential items at all times. Omitting this crucial aspect of the stoner routine is just unprofessional.

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May 13,  · Hey! I have a friend that smokes paper, he says he smokes it becuase he cant buy fags incase his mum sees the residue and he thinks there healthier he asked me to ask here about doing it smoking paper is basicly rolling paper into a tube like cigerette and lighting the other end without anything in it and just smoking it xxxxStatus: Resolved. Mar 15,  · I wanna smoke while I take my dog on a walk tomorrow along the bayou but all I have is a pipe and trying to walk a dog and smoke a pipe is not a good.