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What is computer's Administrator?

What is Public Administration?

❶In the private sector, management is treated as a productive input and is efficiently valued in the market.

Content: Public Administration Vs Private Administration

What is Public Administration?
What is Private administration?
What is Public administration?

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Key Differences Between Public and Private Administration

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Pivate administration is the administration for the private sectors, it is followed by a private company. The government is not controlling the administration of private secto r but its examine the rules and regulation made by private sectors.

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Private Administration is defined as management and organisation of private business enterprises. It is an administrative function carried out by the private individuals or a group, to earn a profit. It is a business activity which is non-political in nature.

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Public administration is political while private administration is apolitical. And finally; the aspect most of us would swear by that public administration is characterized by red tape while the private administration is free of it. Private Administration is the operation, management and administration of the affairs of a private company or business. In other words, it is the implementation of a company’s policy and objectives.

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Private administration means to administer the private sector organization, in other words it also call ed business administration. Private administration is work for economic profit derived from customers while Public administartion for social profit derived for . The ends of Public administration is communal, while those of private business is personal. The main beneficiary of public administration activities is the entire community, whereas that of business is the owner of business himself.