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Write a Short Essay on Mother Teresa

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❶She cared for them, protected them.

Mother Teresa Short English Essay For Kids Of Class 1 To 5

Essay on Mother Teresa & Her Community Service
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Long and Short Essay on Mother Teresa in English

Through her students Sister Teresa met many families of Calcutta and about the poor medical care. Many families had no income because the man of the house had been stricken with a disease. Thousands of people died each year due to lack of medical care.

Poverty grew and Sister Teresa knew she had to do something more. She walked the streets looking for places to help. The work exhausted her, but she never gave up. Her love and compassion for God, people and her work helped her to help people that no one would go near. Each night she would be tempted to go back to the easy life at Loreto, but instead she prayed to God for this help to get through it all.

In March , Sister Teresa received a visitor at St. She wanted to join Sister Teresa and work for the poor.

Soon after Magdalena Gomes joined Sister Teresa. The three of them would go out into the streets each day, not knowing what to expect. By the end of the year eight more young girls joined to help the fight against poverty. Mother Teresa always encouraged her nuns to treat the poor as a gift from God and to treat the patients with respect, warmth and kindness.

The middle of the Missionaries of Charities moved to a new residence that was big enough to house the growing number of nuns. The nuns wanted to call Mother Teresa the Reverend Mother Teresa, but she refused because she never felt above anyone else.

In Mother Teresa was given an unused building for the dying. The building was transformed into the Place of the Immaculate Heart. This was a place for people who were terminally ill that could die with dignity instead of on the streets. Each morning Mother Teresa and the nuns would walk the streets for dying people and bring them to the building.

They were treated as angels, and were loved and cared for until their death. When a mother would die leaving a child behind the nuns would take care of the children.

There was children with no place to go were taken care of. Teenage girls who lost their family came there instead of turning to prostitution. They helped out by taking care of the children and were taught useful skills. Even though Mother Teresa was criticized for wasting money on the dead and dying but she never stop. Her compassion for the poor and dying and the victims of leprosy was overwhelming. This compassion drove Mother Teresa to find medical care for them. In order to provide the medical care the nuns set up clinics where people could get medicines, disinfectant, bandages and other necessary supplies.

The sisters opened up a rehabilitation clinic for lepers. In groups were formed by the Missionaries of Charity to travel to different parts of India. Homes were set up in many parts of India and by there were members of the Missionaries of Charity. Due to the many contributions thirty centers were opened outside of Calcutta. Mother Teresa traveled to the United States in and visited many states.

She received hundreds of donations and met many people. The trip gave Mother Teresa many new ideas. One of the ideas was to have men involved in the same type of work as the sisters did. So on March 25, , twelve men went to live at the Home of the Immaculate Heart to study for their missionary work. Brother Andrew who later was called General Servant headed these men. Their order was called the Brothers of Charity.

Mother Teresa brought them a small home for their headquarters. In no time the brothers grew and there were forty-four houses around the world. In February of , the Missionaries of Charity had gained permission to work outside of India by the Pope. This meant that Mother Teresa and the sisters could help the poor all over the world. The first home was in Cocorote Venezuela.

There Mother Teresa started her work. She was determined to help the women and children. There was a shortage of food, clothing and medical care. In order to accomplish this they fixed up an old hotel for their headquarters. Once this was completed they taught women how to type and sew. They even taught elementary school to children and anyone who wanted to learn.

With no hesitation Mother Teresa brought the sisters to the poor out skirts of Rome. There was no electricity, heat or running water. She opened up a house for the poor people. In Mother Teresa received an invitation to go to Tanzania. The buildings were renovated for the poor people.

Homes for old people, nurseries and medical supply rooms were established. When sick people wanted to become a part of her work she started a group called the Sick and Suffering Co-Workers.

In Mother Teresa brought her work to the United States. The first home was in Bronx New York. There she helped the children, the lonely, sick and unwanted. Groups of sisters went out and visited shut-ins, clean homes, get groceries and listen to the elderly.

Camp programs were organized to keep children off the streets. Kennedy Foundation Award by the Kennedy family. Although Mother Teresa was getting older and fragile she would not stop helping people. In Mother Teresa and the missionaries of Charity went to Bangladesh, where there was a terrible devastation. Food was scare in the villages and many people were starving. Many women had been raped and were treated as outcasts and abandoned by their families.

Until Mother Teresa arrived these women had nowhere to go. They would put their lives in jeopardy to hide the women that the men wanted to rape. They set up adoptions for unwanted babies, buried the dead and tended to wounds. In future years Mother Teresa would build many more houses for the poor and needy.

She never turned down an opportunity to work with poor. She received many awards in the course of her mission. She received the prize for her outstanding work with the poor and overall love for people. In the following years Mother Teresa worked hard as she ever did despite her age. Later she was also suffering from pneumonia, broken collarbone, Malaria and other heart problems.

Although growing through a heart surgery she was still struggling with the heart problems. Despite all the major health problems she chose to continue her charity work as a head of Missionaries of Charity even though she was offered a retirement from the post and take rest.

Unfortunately, all the severe problems took the toll on her health and she died on 5th September at age of 87 in Calcutta, West Bengal in India. Mother Teresa received many honorary awards and recognition for selfless work and a great contribution to the society.

She received the Noble Prize for Peace in She also received numerous other recognitions and awards for her work. Many books, documentaries, films were made after death to spread her thoughts and let people know about her life and the noble cause she was working for.

Some people in Bengal worship her as the goddess. Mother Teresa was also criticized for her views on the abortions and contraceptives. She was also criticized for forcing the Catholic belief on the people she helped and also telling the poor that the poverty is their fate and rich people are favored by the God.

She is seen as the epitome of selflessness and community service in the whole world and will be remembered as the symbol of love and care in the heart of the people across the globe. She will always be the person who inspired me the most. I hope this article helps you in your descriptive essay on Mother Teresa and her social work and community service. If you really admire the work done by Mother Teresa then please let us know in the comment section below.

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Free Essay on Mother Teresa

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Long and Short Essay on Mother Teresa in English. Mother Teresa was a great lady and a Roman Catholic nun who has founded the Missionaries of Charity. She had won the Nobel Peace Prize in for her great works. Mother Teresa Essay 1 ( words).

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Mother Teresa was a person that was admired and respected. She was a person that made an impact on your life and made people loot at the world with a different.

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Essay on Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa was born in Yugoslavia on 27 th August, Her childhood name was Anjeze Gonxhe Bojaxhiu. She took her primary education at a Government School of Yugoslavia. Mother Teresa had a beautiful heart. She decided to work to eliminate the sufferings of the humanity and the misery of the helpless. Mother Teresa, born Agnes Gnocchi Bojaxhin, in South Yugoslavia in , came to Kolkata at the age of 18 to pursue her life's mission of caring for the poorest of the poor. Short Essay on Mother Teresa .

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Write a Short Essay on Mother Teresa Article shared by Mother Teresa popularly known as the ‘Saint of the Gutters’, today stands as the brightest star in the horizon of the great personalities of the world. Mother Teresa is known all over the world for her virtues and love that she displayed in the service of poorest of poor people of the world. Mother Teresa was born in Yugoslavia on 27 th August,