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Top 7 Free Mind Mapping Tools For Students

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❶The other great feature is that you can add text, images, links, etc.

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Essay Writing Strategies: Using Mind-Maps as a Tool
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Student use of mind mapping in order to prepare for writing is probably the most important use. Consider some of the possibilities. It was only natural that mind mapping tools were be developed, both as independent software programs and as online apps. In fact, there are now a huge number for both educational and business use. The following is a list of the most popular free mind mapping tools that are easy to use, allow collaboration with other students, and have a number of features that make assignments, organization, and planning much more efficient.

This tool is online, so that it can be accessed from anywhere and with any device. You can use it solo or collaborate with other students if you are involved in a group project. The live chat feature makes it even more attractive. Watch the demo on their website. It can be used locally or in the cloud and allows the printing and exporting of completed maps. The other great feature is that you can add text, images, links, etc.

This is one of the simplest mind mapping tools to be found. Once you type your main idea or topic, the tree begins. You can then move the bubbles around. There is also an auto-save feature and, because it is online, you can collaborate with others. The drawback of this app is that you cannot add images, links or files unless you purchase the premium version.

This is an open source tool with some unique features. It has tree, logic and fishbone charts, for personal preference and depending upon your project. If you are a beginner to mind mapping tools, this is a great starter too. As you type in new text as sub-topics, it is immediately positioned for you. There are built-in keyboard shortcuts and you can download to your own device as a PDF or Image. Personal accounts are free. Interactive mind mapping tool is flexible enough to fit different needs like business, education or personal use.

As mind mapping software has a drag-and-drop function, you can note down anything you need and ignore position. If you find several ideas point to one argument, boundary function helps you surround these ideas and callout can be inserted to summarize the argument. After you list all your arguments, you should link them together at this time. Using arrowhead or lines to let what you note down in a logical way. Although you have various perspectives to support the essay, you still need to judge which is stronger to be applied and which might be deleted.

Mind mapping in this process can help you boost your efficiency and make your essay structure clear and intuitive. If you finish the process of planning your essay structure and outlining it, you can start writing according to what you have programmed.

The only thing you need to do is to extend your arguments and comb syntactic structure. Please mind your grammar and avoiding mistakes, so you will complete the task of using mind maps to write an essay. Always brainstorming and mind mapping will explore your thoughts. With various views, you can have a rich content in writing an essay and form a good habit of planning before writing. Ultimately, mind mapping will not just help you write a well-organized essay, but influence your critical thinking ability.

People always take notes for a…. Mind mapping tools are popular when utilizing in various field including note taking, brainstorming, language learning, project management and…. The presentation is a must-require skill which is widely applied in schools from elementary schools to universities. The concept gains more popularity in recent years, especially in business or language learning. It is a simple concept…. Brainstorm your topic and theme When you first receive an essay topic from your tutors and instructors, you may find it so broad which is difficult to handle.

Build a structure The common structure for an essay consists of an introduction, main body, conclusion, and references. Stimulate or explore your ideas As mind mapping software has a drag-and-drop function, you can note down anything you need and ignore position.

Rearrange the layout orderly After you list all your arguments, you should link them together at this time.

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A mind-map is a graphic representation of ideas (usually generated via a brainstorming session). It shows the ideas which are generated around a central theme and how they are interlinked. It is a tool primarily used for stimulating thought.

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Free mind map templates and examples for English students: Essay planning, grammar and punctuation, writing styles and more! Mind mapping helps formulate ideas, organize thoughts, and generate direction for a main topic. When writing a paper, information and flow are important to express thoughts most effectively. In this exercise, you will be using a Mind Mapping Template to help you plan your first essay.