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Dress Code Essay

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The Elizabethan Dress Code Essay Sample

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Men and women have according to the current codes in their societies, to wear or not clothes which differentiate them sharply. Until the s, in France, the shorts were worn by boys until adolescence and trousers for men almost adults. At Edwardian era, the skirt length increased with age of the girl from the below the knee to the calf and then to cover the ankle of an adult woman.

Examples of social distinctions exhibited by the garment are many, starting with the purple robes that adorned the Roman senators. In China, only the emperor was entitled to wear the yellow color.

Military or school uniforms in Britain are the most striking examples. Sometimes a single item of clothing or a single accessory can declare one's occupation or rank within a profession.

The Sikh turban, the Jewish kippa, the Muslim hijab, again examples abound of distinctive clothing. This distinctive sign may also be imposed, as the yellow star during World War II. The wedding ring is an evident sign for the Westerners. The antique Greeks chose the wearing of the veil as the wives and of the beard for the husbands.

In India, a married woman carries wears a sindoor, a red mark on the forehead. The jeans was until seventies the symbol of youth in revolt against a "stifling bourgeois order", before becoming commonplace.

The clothing, besides its function of protection against the bad weather and comfort, thus contains a message with strong social impact, a claim to be what we are not necessarily, and - a contrario - he can also challenge the current "code", as for the punks, be made the reflection of a political message. In France, the beard is connoted socialist and three-piece suit will be perceived as traditionalist.

The fashion designers, as Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel and the property men as Louis Vuitton know that their brands appear not only the taste of their customers but also and doubtless especially their wealth.

Create a committee of employees from different areas in the organization to deal specifically with this issue, and explain why a change is needed.

The second suggestion is to communicate the exact expectations and details of what is considered acceptable office attire. What is considered business casual to one person may not be considered business casual to another.

Provide examples of what is considered acceptable and unacceptable attire i. Another way, to communicate would be to keep apparel awards consistent within the dress code.

Therefore, if a sleeveless T-shirt is not considered acceptable office attire, it should not be offered as an award to the employees. It is an ideal choice when participating in company incentive programs. While creating the dress code, certain considerations need to be made.

We will make sure the apparel chosen is liked enough to be worn by all different shapes and sizes in your office. This will help to promote your professional business casual attire keeping the employees dressed for success and conveniently saving the mid drifts, and flip flops for Saturday. Business casual dress increases productivity in the workplace. Business casual dress allows the employees to focus on their performance to increase the profit for the company while being comfortable at the same time.

Business casual dress promotes a safe work environment for all employees that work for the company. When a standard dress code is set, the company will make sure they are in compliance of the safety laws. Inappropriate dress attire could cause distractions in the workplace that are not welcomed. It is the organizations responsibility to protect the nature of its employees. As you are probably aware, sexual harassment continues to capture the attention of the media in what are often very expensive and embarrassing situations for companies.

Many argue that sexual harassment awareness was heightened by the Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas case that occurred in the early 90s. As a result of this issue being brought to the forefront many companies have experienced costly lawsuits because of sexual harassment occurring in the workplace.

Sexual harassment cases can be the byproduct of inappropriate dress attire in the work environment. Business Casual dress is the most effective dress attire for the organizations across America.

Setting standard expectations for employees will eliminate any misinterpretation of what is considered acceptable clothing to be worn at work. It was also improve morale, and productivity within the work environment. A place of business should always be just that and not be misinterpreted as a social event.

Dressing properly on the job is important. The way we present ourselves to other employees and the world says much about us, personally. Very often the way we dress is carried out by our own beliefs, perceptions and assumptions but does this necessarily mean that it should be a set standard on the job according to the way the older generations set certain standards Abstract People usually say that the way we dress affects how we think, act, and conduct our activities.

Persons donned in suits are expected to be more business-like and calculating. Sporty attire would indicate an outgoing type of person; jeans would be more of a casual, easy going person. In this paper, we will try to look into the various aspects of the Elizabethan period, particularly their fashion.

The discussion was divided Benjamin Franklin once said, "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. Many of our fore fathers died building this base upon which these values stand upon.

Would you throw these rights away? The rights that you take for Do you think all high school students should be required to wear a uniform to school? Should high school students be required to wear uniforms? Parents and school administrators have been in a controversy for a while. I believe uniforms shouldn't be allowed because uniforms could tend to become expensive, takes away the uniqueness of students; also they are so uncomfortable.

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Proposing a Dress Code in your workplace Essay Sample It is okay to wear shorts, flip flops, and show your tattoo on your stomach when going to the beach, but is this appropriate dress attire in the workplace?

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School Dress Code essays Having students wear school uniforms has been a big debate among communities across the country for several years. The issue of school dress code has both strong supporters and opposition. This essay will consider arguments that school uniform should not .

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Student Sample Untitled Essay about Dress Codes: Grade 12 This essay on dress codes was written for a university/college placement assessment. dress code Essay - I disagree with the school dress code because it doesn't allow people to express themselves, people can't dress for the weather, and it doesn't let people choose how they want to look because it's supposedly a distraction. The dress code is "The bottom of your shirt must at least meet the top of your pants or shorts, and.