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What do you have in the first 10 sentences that will catch their eye. If there is not a WOW right up front, then chances of them reading further are pretty slim. Good Luck everyone, and keep your confidence up, you'll find that right job That's a really good point. When jobseekers look at lists of jobs, they are usually sorted by most recent date, and it makes sense that employers do the same thing going the other way.

I would add that anyone who posts an open searchable resume on the big boards use a separate email address. My profile on CareerBuilder has earned me about 10 scam emails every day since then. You might even want to setup tracking email addresses such as myname-monster Dan in Gurnee, Illinois.

Casey in Bellville, Texas said: PEOPLE ,,,, I need to hear from you if you have had a bad experience with any company or service that has made promises to you about distribution of your resume.

They make some very nice promises , but after you send in the money or after you complain about their lack of service you cannot get them to respond , or even answer their phone. I have had an amazing experience. Maybe because I used a targeted resume distribution service. I recommend that one hightly - if you are looking in that market segment. BigT in Mannford, Oklahoma said: It's VERY plain -- almost all text -- no bells and whistles, and was designed in to replace the local newspaper classifieds.

There are NO job agents, NO registrations, the job categories are crude, you can't search by keyword and it's all done by local area, so you can't do national searches. They even provide a private, non-permanent 12 weeks email address for any situation wanted ads you post. I put up a full story on www. Career Hunter in Chicago, Illinois said: Brian in Bothell, Washington. Scott Meyer in Fort Worth, Texas said: Richard Truitt in Greenwood, Indiana. Brian in Bothell, Washington said: Richard Truitt in Greenwood, Indiana said: I have talked with ITS also and have started seeking info about them.

ITS is one of several business names used by companies associated with Bob Gerberg. Google his name and you'll find a company McKenzie Scott in Denver. Then check their BBB roster. Based on another individuals experience, the fee which is thousands of dollars, and the BBB complaints, I've chosen not to pursure their service. Adonna in Jacksonville, Florida. I'm glad I saw this post.

I have been thinking about doing that myself. Thanks for the headsup and sorry you got taken. KM in Atlanta, Georgia. ITS is a scam. Within 6 weeks you will discover it is all smoke and mirrors - no responses to their resumes, marketing letters, or faxes. I need to bookmark your site. Very useful info there!

I went to www. I wish I could have waited, since he is doing resumes for half off this month, but I got a job quickly, and that was the main thing. I also used the free links there which are the same that the marketing companies sell. The best part was understanding that even one good resume isn't as useful as it used to be. There are different types of resumes and letters needed, so be sure when you go to a professional resume writer that you get at least different resumes and a bunch of letters.

That way I had them ready to use as needed. There was a website called bewareits. I would pay more attention to those than the ones who were offended by a salesman and never used their services. I prefer to know who I'm sending a resume to. If I would consider a company, it is worth my while to customize the resume for them complete with a letter. My questions would be, if you are customizing your resume for each company, doesn't that slow down the process considerably?

I had to send out over letters to companies I didn't really know that well to find 4 that wanted to interview me. If I had tailored each one to the company, it would have taken even longer.

The second question would be, doesn't a customized resume play to what you think they want, instead of what you know you want? I changed the position title at the top as appropriate, but I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do and what I am good at, so I didn't really have to change what my strengths and accomplishments were.

I also had my resume writer give me a "dumbed down" version when I knew that the employer would think I was "over-qualified". Think of customizing your resume and cover letter as using a rifle instead of a shotgun. Yes you can hit alot with a shotgun, but one pellet might not bring down your prey. I think that adapting your resume to the job is especially important if you have had more than one type of job.

I've had three jobs and depending on the position I'm applying for, I highlight my duties accordingly. Webfolding is looking for agents.

For more information and clarification e-mail us: Lance in Omaha, Nebraska. If you are sales rep looking to get into medical, pharmaceutical, or biotech sales, www. They will send your resume to over targeted recruiting firms in the healthcare sales arena. My phone wouldn't stop ringing with opportunities that were relevant to my career.

Blue in Virgina in Leesburg, Virginia. Thanks for the heads up on the ITS system. I almost took advantage of their offer and was concerned that they are crooks. Blue in Virgina in Leesburg, Virginia said: I think most of the negative opinions were all from people who were prospects but not clients. You should ask actual clients, no? Marty McGillivray in Alameda, California.

Bob Harcourt in Bloomingdale, Illinois said: How would you suggest finding actual well-served clients? Are there any of you out there on this board? Ken in Fuquay Varina, North Carolina.

Marty McGillivray in Alameda, California said: I too have been contacted by ITS. What did you find? Are you willing to share? I too have been contacted by ITS and I'm very skeptical. You can always ask for references from your sales consultant. In the end I chose not to proceed with ITS. Based this mostly on the response I got from their resume review. I had a resume that had gone through a job placement person I have been working with plus my wife who is a professional editor.

It is a good resume Much of the comment section appeared to be a "cut and paste" from a standardized response. My sense of how things were proceeding is that there were going to be additional charges all along the way although I have no proof of that. Bill Thompson in Denver, Colorado.

I am a client of ITS and I found their services to be very effective. So I thought I would give them a reference on this board. I shopped all the firms in this field, and they were the only one that actually took the time to explain what they do and don't do.

They market their services with videos and books, and its basically a no-pressure approach. It took be a little more that 65 days to find a new position. They followed up all the time, and basically found me the lead to my new job, in a way that I would not have. Give them a call if you need help. They certainly won't waste your time. Jack Swar in Toronto, Ontario. Job Search Dolphin in Tampa, Florida said: But I think it is a clever HR Guy trying to dissuade us from doing the real thing.

I got my jobs primarily due to resume' distribution. There is one such site by name jobsbyfax. Ofcourse, recruiters like these would not want us to do such things and make things easier for us sometimes even subconsciously. Use HR guys only for interviews, leads,etc. Don 't lose your commonsense, it is the most uncommon thing around!

While it might seem like a good thing to get massive exposure to your resume, its typically a waste of time and effort. I agree that it is always good to have a good basic, up-to-date resume on the main boards Monster, Linkedin, and Careerbuilder. Beyond that, you should specifically control who gets your resume. Your resume is a marketing tool. You are selling yourself. And since you can only sell yourself once i.

To do that, you'll want to be selective about who sees your resume. Because your resume is a marketing tool, you can optimize your chances of a "sell" if you focus the resume and cover letter for the audience. Using the key words in the job description will help the hiring manager to see you as a fit. A generic resume, sent out in a blast campaign can't do that.

When recruiters place you they get paid. Why would you spend money on a service that should be free? Your dollars should be invested in a great resume. Well written resumes don't require using a distribution service. Well written resumes receive the response from a company you want to work, because they are well written, hitting the desired mark.

I have already stated that I contacted sdnconsulting. It's a great place to start before you end up posting your current resume and getting turned down again. The description can be a combination of duties, achievements and skills. Quantifiable achievements always look impressive on a resume; for example, discuss your role with the company, how many products you were able to move daily and your time management skills.

Start each statement with an action verb. Depending on the level of the position, you only need to include about three to five previous positions. Pay special attention to the types of jobs that are listed on distribution resume samples. Jobs that relate to the field and specialty look the best, but if you are starting at the entry level, it is okay to include unrelated positions as long as you highlight the skills you picked up that will help you in distribution.

You work experience section will merely become a simplified collection of your previous positions with the most relevant listed first. There are a number of different skills you can include under this section, so try to be creative.

Distributors can list organizational skills they have picked up throughout their career. You may also have some engineering-related skills under your belt if you are in logistics.

Soft skills like communication and teamwork are good choices to add in this area too. You can also get more technical with your skills section by including specific software programs you know how to use or specialized equipment you are trained to operate. Consider things you know how to do and aspects of the job that the employer would find desirable.

The following examples may help you generate some more ideas. Distribution resume samples will show you how to format the skills section and where to place it. Chronological formats usually have a list format in one or two columns. Functional and combination resumes may have longer descriptions of particular skills to make up for a smaller work experience section.

Think of the skills section as your core qualifications for the job you want to come up with some great abilities to include. You can use previous supervisors, business partners and coworkers who can speak highly of your distribution abilities. Astute Distribution Clerk adeptly organizing and distributing products and materials on a national and global level.

Committed to ensuring timely distributions through efficient tracking and coordination. Specialize in maintaining a high level of client satisfaction. Crafting a Distribution resume that catches the attention of hiring managers is paramount to getting the job, and LiveCareer is here to help you stand out from the competition. View All Distribution Resumes. Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar.

Click here to view our Resume Samples. Just as quality is important in the warehouse, so is it in the resume writing world, so you might want to look at several distribution resume samples first before you begin writing this important document.

Distribution Resume Samples Distribution. No two resumes will look the same because everyone comes from different backgrounds and every job has different requirements. Summary Statement Skills Work History Education As illustrated in distribution resume samples, the format you choose determines how you present the information.

You will benefit from reading a number of distribution resume samples that relate to your specialty before writing this section. Action verbs, such as those listed below, show that you take an active role in your career and know how to accomplish results.

You will find more good words to use by reviewing distributor resume samples. Compare different distribution resume samples to see where it might fit best for your background. Knowledge of Inventory Procedures Logistics Projects Flexible Schedule Organizational and Analytical Skills Distribution resume samples will show you how to format the skills section and where to place it. The resume should be all about your skills, experience and education.

There will be a time later for references, but they do not belong on the resume. Professionalism is the way to go when writing your resume. Use real terms whenever possible, and define acronyms before using them repeatedly throughout your resume.

Never include false information anywhere on your resume. It is a good idea to quantify your achievements but not at the expense of your integrity. If you are unsure of actual figures, then rephrase your descriptions so that they are percent true. Do not be too casual or informal when writing your resume. Some professionals confuse friendly interview tactics with creating a decent resume. You should always use business-like phrasing and avoid personal pronouns.

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