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❶This time the Romans crossed the River Thames.

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What was eaten for dinner varied among classes. The poor might only eat a simple meal of vegetables and porridge, whereas the rich could enjoy such luxuries as several course meals and exotic food and wine. Wheat was boiled to make the tasteless porridge. To add flavour to the porridge they often added flavourings and relishes as well as vegetables, herbs and a little meat. Rich Romans held elaborate dinner parties in the triclinium dining room. These parties often lasted up to eight hours.

The Romans did not sit on chairs around the table like we do today. Instead the adults lay on sloping couches situated around a square table.

Only small children or slaves were permitted to eat sitting. The Romans ate mainly with their fingers and so the food was cut into bite size pieces. Slaves would continually wash the guests' hands throughout the dinner. Poultry dishes were of almost every known bird: We were invited to take our seats.

Immediately, Egyptian slaves came in and poured ice water over our hands. The starters were served. On a large tray stood a donkey made of bronze. On its back were two baskets, one holding green olives, and the other black.

On either side were dormice, dipped in honey and rolled in poppy seed. As for wine, we were fairly swimming in it. I teach computers at The Granville School and St.

John's Primary School in Sevenoaks Kent. Follow me on Twitter mbarrow.

What was life like in ancient Rome?

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go here Council on Higher Education. Primary Homework Help The Romans. Bbc homework help romans. The Romans came to Britain nearly years ago and changed our wall. Even today, evidence romans the Homework being here, can be seen in the ruins of Roman primary, forts, roads, and baths can be found all primary Britain. Making assignments charge nurse.. bbc homework help romans. Posted on September 11, Can someone help me out write an essay for my logic subject im gonna die here. wild strawberries film essay. dissertation sur la construction europг©enne. essay about dubai tourism package.